Alternatifler ve Rakipler - Pricefx

Pricefx'in rakiplerini ve alternatiflerini bu sayfadan bulabilirsiniz.

1. Listinguish open_in_new

Rekabetçi e-ticaret ortamında, müşterileriniz en uygun fiyatlı ürünü satın almak isteyecektir. Listinguish rakiplerinizi takip eder ve ürününüzü en yüksek kârla satmanıza olanak tanır. Listinguish işinizi ve hayatınızı kolaylaştırır!

2. Prisync open_in_new

Prisync is a competitor price tracking software that delivers online retailers a dynamic view of competitor's prices and product assortments with its dashboard and reports, sends daily or instant price and stock change notifications, detailed Excel reports from the market, to keep updated and dynamic.

3. Competera open_in_new

Competera is a price monitoring platform that brings an order into a complex process of pricing in online store, turning it into an easy, manageble and efficient business process.

4. Price2Spy open_in_new

Price2Spy is a price monitoring and comparison tool that help eCommerce professionals to track and analyze their competitors or retailers pricing.

5. PROS Pricing open_in_new

PROS is a cloud-based, dynamic pricing science company. PROS solutions make it possible for companies to price, configure and sell their products and services with speed, precision and consistency across all sales channels.

6. Omnia Pricing open_in_new

Omnia's Dynamic Pricing is pricing optimization software based on price elasticity of products through an intelligent core algorithm. This algorithm incorporates data from your internal systems (e.g. product and sales data) with other data sources (e.g. Google Analytics), to generate new, optimal prices for you, without you having to lift a finger.

7. Wiser Solutions open_in_new

Wiser Solutions simplifies complex retail data analytics with comprehensive MAP Monitoring, Pricing Intelligence, and Retail Auditing services for brands and retailers.