Repricing software

Keep your prices competitive. Listinguish changes the price of your products for you and allows you to sell with the highest profit.
we do not want any confidential information like credit card, 2 weeks for free, no commitment
Unlimited Competitors
Get unlimited number of competitor prices and availability status without country or market restrictions.
Automatic Pricing
Our repricing software will automatically price your prices according to your competitors.
Detailed Data
See in your report under which rules automatic pricing is made.

How does listinguish work?

You can start repricing as follows,
1. Add your products and competitors
To start automatic pricing, you need to upload your products to listinguish. You can add it very easily from the panel.
2. Analyze the data
You can follow unlimited competitors. Create the best automated pricing setup by tracking the prices and stocks of your competitors.
3. Automatic pricing
Add rules to set up automatic pricing. Automatic pricing will start working immediately.

Frequently asked questions

What is repricing?
It is the updating of the prices of your products according to competing prices. For example, if a product is sold for $ 10 at a competitor store, $ 11 in your store, listinguish makes the price of your store $ 9.8. You determine how cheap you want to be.
What are the benefits of repricing?
Listinguish automatically changes your prices, helping you outperform the competition.
What makes Listinguish's pricing solution different?
Listinguish has been designed for easy use of users. You can add pricing rules very easily.
Does Listinguish's re-pricing solution work anywhere?
It works in every product category and in every country and supports different currency units.
Do I need technical information to use the pricing feature?
You do not need technical knowledge to start repricing. It will be sufficient to add your products and competitors.
Can I try every feature of Listinguish in the demo process?
You can try it, there are no feature restrictions, you don't have to add credit cards or confidential information.
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