Repricing software

Keep your prices competitive. Listinguish changes the price of your products for you and allows you to sell with the highest profit.
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Repricing software
settings How does it work?
Upload your products to listinguish with excel or integrations.
2. Add Your Competitors
Add competitor products with recommendation robot or manually.
Listinguish changes your prices according to your pricing rules.
Frequently asked questions

What is repricing?

The process of changing your product prices while offering them for sale is called repricing. The $ 10 product on the supplier's site may be $ 12 on your site.

Do I need repricing?

If you do not want to be behind the competition while increasing your market share, you should consider repricing your products. If you do not reprice and offer the same price as the supplier offers, you will not make a profit.

What is dropshipping?

Instead of keeping their products in stock, the sellers forward the orders received through the website to the relevant supplier and sales are made through this supplier. In this way, the seller does not hold any stock.

How to do dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a system where you can sell products without the need to rent a warehouse or open a store. You can add as many products as you want to your e-commerce site or marketplaces. The price of your products should be the supplier's sales price with the commission rate added. The customer buys the product from you, you buy it from the supplier, and the supplier sends the product to the buyer. You can make a profit by keeping the cost low.

What is target pricing?

The purpose of target pricing is to establish the production process that will enable you to make the desired profit. The first step to target pricing is to decide the price of the product. The aim is to take profit first. Knowing the competition in the market makes your job easier.

What are the repricing opportunities?

Listinguish offers you a variety of repricing opportunities. Repricing opportunities may vary by product category, brand or supplier, and these opportunities also help you define your own pricing strategies. With our smart discount / smart raise features, you can reprice according to your profit margin.