Price tracking software

You can effectively track the changes and trends of competing products using price tracking software. As a result, you can increase your income by making good pricing.
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Price tracking software
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You can follow unlimited competitor products from any e-commerce site.
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Listinguish automatically checks the prices of competing products.
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You can easily see the pricing strategies of your competitors.
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Our price tracking software allows you to see the price changes of the products of competing companies and make price analysis. Things you need if you want to be one step ahead in the industry; is to make price analysis of your competitors and to track the price. You can effectively track the relevant industry using the price tracking software. Price tracking and competitive price analysis help you improve your pricing policy and determine the right sales strategy. In this way, you can increase your sales rate and income.
Frequently asked questions

What is price tracking?

Price tracking makes it easy for you to analyze costs and check the market situation. Listinguish automatically tracks the product prices of competing companies. You can learn pricing strategies of your competitors, what appeals to the market and your audience.

How is competition analysis done?

Listinguish offers you everything you need to know about your competitors in e-commerce. You have all the information about who they are, the product groups they are strongest, their share in the market. It compares the products of the competitor with the products you sell.

How to find trends based on price history?

Our price tracking software informs you about the changes of the products you track over time. You can easily view the past. You can analyze the lowest price and maximum demand of the product you track at certain times and determine your price strategy accordingly.

How to track prices in e-commerce?

After identifying the products you want to follow, we match them with similar products on the competitor site. Listinguish automatically monitors these products and reports their changes.

How to match products?

If you care about competition, it is recommended that you match competing products. If the product you are selling is sold on other e-commerce sites, it is automatically added to our panel. Changes are monitored at regular intervals in the panel, so that competitor analysis is performed. With Listinguish, all of your products will be tracked from a single software, which will be an important factor in facilitating your business.

How to track price changes of competitors?

First of all, we track the product you want in our panel. You can also view the price change and the price history of the product with our price alarm.