Price tracking software

You can effectively track the changes and trends of competing products using price tracking software. As a result, you can increase your income by making good pricing.
we do not want any confidential information like credit card, 2 weeks for free, no commitment
No Limit
With Listinguish's powerful price tracking algorithm, you can follow unlimited competitor products. We do not limit you.
Save Time
It is a very time-consuming and laborious process to look at the prices of competing products one by one. Listinguish automatically checks the prices for you.
Be Competitive
You can learn pricing strategies of your competitors and adapt to the market much faster.

How does Listinguish work?

You can start price tracking very easily ...
1. Add your products and competitors
You can follow thousands of products very easily, you can add your products to listinguish with excel or with our integrations, you can add them one by one if you want :)
2. See the assortment
After the data comes to the panel, you will immediately understand what is happening in your store and on the market. Listinguish can match every product sold on e-commerce, so you can understand your position
3. Decide easily
Create pricing strategies using your market knowledge and data from listinguish. You can also add dynamic pricing to your strategies so your strategies are automatically applied throughout the day.

Frequently asked questions

What is price tracking?
It is the process of checking the product prices of e-commerce sites, you can look at the history of the product prices and create trends.
Is it important for my company to track prices in e-commerce?
If you do not sell a unique product that no one is selling, price tracking is very important for your company. Considering that product pricing is the biggest factor for purchasing, you need to follow the market prices carefully.
What makes Listinguish's price tracking solution different?
You can increase your efficiency with Listinguish, It will be very inefficient for you to look at the prices by visiting the competing products page one by one.
Does Listinguish's price tracking solution work anywhere?
Works in every product category and country
Do I need technical information to track prices?
It is enough to know how to use computers and browsers. Our panel is very simple to use. If you need help, you can reach us 24/7.
Can I try every feature of listinguish in the demo process?
You can try it, there are no feature restrictions, you don't have to add credit cards or confidential information.
You can write to us,