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By applying price optimization, simplify your pricing strategy and increase your efficiency and income.
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Price optimization software
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Frequently asked questions

What is price optimization?

Price optimization is an effective aid in determining the appropriate selling price of a product group. Thanks to Listinguish's price optimization panel, you can control the units offered for sale by each seller, distributor from your devices. Brands benefit from price optimization to determine their price strategy and contribute to their growth. When you work with Listinguish, you can get maximum efficiency with minimum effort.

What is the pricing strategy?

There are variables you need to consider in order to determine the selling price of the product groups you have. These can be determinants such as pricing according to buyer psychology, geographic pricing, pricing according to time and buyer psychology, bulk pricing, discount pricing.

How is the product price policy determined?

When determining a price policy for your products, you must first make sure that it is suitable for your brand target, customer base and related product groups. You can decide by looking at whether you want to use specific campaigns, promotions, certain fee scales. For example, some companies; When sales begin to decrease in a certain product group, it is going to stimulate its sales with campaigns such as "Buy before it runs out! 9.99 until a certain time *". When you want to sell a lot in a short time, you can make your packaged products attractive to the customer.

How is price positioning done in e-commerce?

What do we need to understand from price positioning? After creating the original identity of your brand, positioning the value of the products you have. Explore your target audience. Find out your place in the market. Measure your value and market that value to your potential customers.

How is the best price determined?

If you want to increase your sales rates, you should determine your price policy correctly. Correct pricing will make you stand out. To determine the best price, first find out your audience. Calculate your brand's costs; such as marketing, sales, production process and transportation costs. Make a schedule about these. The comparison you will make with your competitors selling products close to you in your market also helps you in this decision.

What does the price of a product depend on?

The thing that has the biggest denominator in the purchasing behavior of the buyer is the price of that product. The factors that play a role in the pricing process of your product; The targets of the brand are the cost of production, transportation and advertising, as well as the level of demand and competition in the sector, taxes and finally the characteristics of the product.