MAP pricing software

Protect your brand's reputation. Make sure that the vendors selling your brand are not selling below your minimum selling price.
we do not want any confidential information like credit card, 2 weeks for free, no commitment
Get Started Now
Check the prices of the sellers. Just add your products.
Fresh Data
You will be immediately informed of the price changes of the sellers
See the Market
Get notified immediately of sellers selling below your minimum sales price.

How does listinguish work?

Map pricing works as follows,
1. Add your products and competitors
You can follow thousands of products very easily, you can add your products to listinguish with excel or with our integrations in bulk.
2. Analyze the data
Check sellers' price and stock changes historically.
3. Get Notifications
Get notified of price changes immediately by mail or api.

Frequently asked questions

What is MAP pricing check?
Brand owners or manufacturers sometimes do not want their products to be sold below the minimum price they set. You can check MAP prices with Listinguish.
Do I need MAP pricing software?
If you do not want sellers of your brand to sell under a certain price, you will need MAP software.
What makes Listinguish's MAP pricing solution different?
Your products are checked frequently and all data are transparently visible on your panel.
Does Listinguish's MAP pricing solution work anywhere?
It works in every product category and in every country and supports different currency units.
Do I need technical knowledge to use the MAP pricing feature?
You do not need technical knowledge to start MAP pricing. It will be sufficient to add your products and competitors.
Can I try every feature of Listinguish in the demo process?
You can try it, there are no feature restrictions, you don't have to add credit cards or confidential information.
You can write to us,