Dynamic and automatic pricing software for Shopify

With Shopify integration, the prices of your products are automatically updated according to the prices of your competitors.
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Dynamic and automatic pricing software for Shopify
settings How does it work?
Add your products to listinguish with our Shopify integration.
2. Add Your Competitors
Add competitor products with recommendation robot or manually.
Listinguish changes your prices according to your pricing rules.
Frequently asked questions

What sells best on Shopify?

Underwear, fitness accessories, travel products, smart home products, home decor, cosmetics, baby care and medical products can be listed among the top selling products in Shopify.

How to price dropshipping items?

When you add products from your suppliers to your Shopify store, you must set your own prices. To make a profit, you must choose a higher price than your supplier demands. The resources you invest in and any additional value you provide to your customers should be reflected in pricing. Looking at stores selling similar products can help you determine the average price of the items you sell.

How to price a product on Shopify?

Calculate the cost of getting your product to market to set a price. Set your profit margin above these expenses. This way you get an average price. You can use Listinguish's price tracking software to increase the competitiveness of your prices and make more profits.

How to optimize a Shopify store?

When optimizing your Shopify store, there are some things to consider. Among them; Providing your customers with a mobile-friendly fast and simple site, improving product pages (visual, content), using keywords appropriately, and not exaggerating sub-categorization can be listed. After optimizing your store, you can use our Price Optimization to determine the prices of your products.

How to sell more on Shopify?

In order to increase your sales on Shopify, it may be good not to be limited to a single product, customers may enjoy diversity. In addition, the visuality of your products is also very important to attract customers' attention. You should use photography well, especially for your high-priced products.

What are the benefits of pricing testing?

You can better address your potential customers. You can protect your place in a competitive environment. You can offer your customers different price ranges without reducing your profits. If you have not yet had this experience, our software is waiting to accompany you in this experience.