Dynamic and automatic pricing software for Amazon

With Amazon integration, the prices of your products are automatically updated according to the prices of your competitors.
we do not want any confidential information like credit card, 2 weeks for free, no commitment
Dynamic and automatic pricing software for Amazon
cloud_queue Easy setup
Setting up dynamic pricing is very simple, it won't take you 5 seconds.
appsPricing Rules
How would you like to change prices according to your opponent? you determine.
replayDynamic Pricing
Let your prices change automatically according to the rules you set.
1. Add your products and competitors
You can follow thousands of products very easily, you can add your products to listinguish in a short time with our integrations.
2. Analyze the data
Understand trends by looking at the prices of your competitors, decide what pricing strategy to follow.
3. Start dynamic pricing
Add pricing rules. Our software will automatically change your prices according to the competitor.

Frequently asked questions

What does Amazon integration do?
Amazon integration provides synchronization of your products with listinguish. The price of your product is changed using the integration with the pricing rules you set according to the prices of your competitors.
Do I need dynamic pricing software?
Using dynamic pricing software increases your productivity and allows you to earn more income.
What makes Listinguish's dynamic pricing solution different?
We make thousands of dynamic pricing a day, when we notice the price change in your competitors, we also change your price.
Does Listinguish's dynamic pricing solution work anywhere?
It works in every product category and in every country, and supports different currency units.
Is it difficult to set up dynamic pricing?
You can start dynamic pricing right away, if you need help, you can always write to us. Our panel is very easy to use.
Can I try every feature of Listinguish in the demo process?
You can try it, there are no feature restrictions, you don't have to add credit cards or confidential information.