Dynamic pricing software

With dynamic pricing, the prices of your products are automatically updated according to the prices of your competitors.
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Dynamic pricing software
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Setting up dynamic pricing is very simple, it won't take you 5 seconds.
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How would you like to change prices according to your opponent? you determine.
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Let your prices change automatically according to the rules you set.
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Before finding the optimal market value of your products, you can try different price levels with Listinguish and present different price ranges to your customers without loss of profit. With its dynamic pricing service, Listinguish tracks prices and changes prices 24/7. This strengthens your brand's competitiveness in the e-commerce market.
Frequently asked questions

What is dynamic pricing?

In dynamic pricing, price changes are made automatically and instantaneously throughout the day or at specified time frames. You can keep prices flexible without sacrificing your brand value. You can have more control over your pricing strategy.

Why is dynamic pricing important?

The dynamic pricing service offered by Listinguish helps you keep track of prices regularly and continuously, as well as change your prices automatically. It allows you to earn high profits by keeping the competition strong.

How is dynamic pricing done?

Listinguish learns the highest and lowest price you want to sell your products for. According to these variables, it adjusts the most competitive price so that you can sell your product with the highest profit by constantly following the price strategy of your competitors.

What is price competition?

In the strong e-commerce market, many firms sell the same or very similar products. The price of these products is in a race due to the competition between companies. Certain promotions can be used to increase sales in price competition; Two items for the price of one product, such as seasonal discounts.

What Are Dynamic Pricing Strategies?

If you are part of the e-commerce market, you must be open to competition. When determining your prices, you can choose the pricing strategy according to the competitor. Some companies determine the prices of their products according to the prices of their competitors. You may want to set a price slightly below or just above your competitor's prices.

What is psychological pricing?

Psychological pricing is a marketing strategy based on the customer's buying orientation. In this strategy, prices are written as fractional, creating a perception on the customer that the product is affordable. When 10 TL is written, the interest shown in the product is not the same as when it is written 9.90. The customer tends to round this to 9 TL, not 10 TL. Another example is that instead of paying 30TL + 10TL shipping, 40TL + shipping is free! option is to find more attractive.