The secret of success in e-commerce: Fast and accurate competitor analysis

E-commerce continues its rapid growth without a break. The number of customers in the market and the number of stores are increasing rapidly by supporting each other. There are simple but important steps you need to take in order not to get lost in this market. Fast and accurate competition comes first.
Classic businesses that no longer sell online are sinking in order and e-commerce is very different from trades. As soon as you start e-commerce, your competitors are no longer limited to only the side shop and the neighborhood you are in. You have hundreds of new opponents that you have never heard of. So how will you compete in this new market ?

Find out how many competitors you have in a marketplace or e-commerce site

All businesses want to know how many competitors they have. If you only sell from your shop, it is not difficult to get to know the competitors around you. However, it will not be easy to follow your competitors on your own in the e-commerce market where a new e-commerce site is opened every day and a new business is added every day. If you know all your competitors and build your growth strategy by knowing your competitors, success will not be difficult for you.

Common Products and Product Matching

Who are the businesses that sell the same product as you ?
How much do they sell this product ?
The two most critical questions of competitor analysis. You should definitely know the answers to these questions. You should always keep your sales price updated according to the answers of these questions.


To be a successful business, you should keep reports regularly and keep them. You should keep price changes, sales figures and product lists as excel. These are key points to success. However, since many businesses cannot overcome this workload, they try to survive by finding high cost solutions by employing personnel in this field, but few of them can be successful. But don't let all this scare you.
With listinguish, you can recognize all your competitors, and keep your price up-to-date at the intervals you set with the automatic pricing feature. You can see the price changes and sales figures of a product historically.