Should you dropship in your e-commerce store?

Even if you know e-commerce very well, there are always some questions that confuse you. "Should I keep stock?" You have asked yourself the question a lot. While dropshipping seems to be very risk-free, it may not be easy. You can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping in our article. If you say how to find a supplier, we recommend you to read our article on searching suppliers.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when suppliers ship products for you. You do not keep stock. You do not need to pay bulk or keep a warehouse for the product. You can publish the supplier's product in your own store, and as you receive orders, you can order from the supplier.

What are the advantages of dropshipping?

1. No stock costs
You are not likely to lose money. You will not encounter problems such as excessive stock keeping, expensive product purchases, damaged products in your warehouse. You don't need to manage your stock or make plans.
2. You can start selling immediately
You do not need to invest at all. When you open your own store, you must have more products. The low number of products can make you look amateur. When you dropship, you will not encounter a problem such as low number of products.
3. You do not have to deal with packaging, shipping and warehouse
In the early stage, the cost advantage of dropshipping is huge. You can avoid shipping, packaging and warehouse costs and you won't waste time on them.
4. Product variety
You can change your products as you wish. You can remove a product group when it does not sell too much or you can try different product groups.

What are the disadvantages of dropshipping?

1. You can be scammed
Suppliers may not keep their promise to you, and may not send your product after receiving the fee. We recommend that you work with suppliers you trust.
2. It may take a long time
Dropshipping has a lot of channels, suppliers can sometimes sell products that are not in stock.
3. Can't decide the packing and box
Since the packaging and box selection is made by the supplier, you may not have many options.
4. Complicated returns process and customer service
You must clearly indicate to which address the refund will be made. Before the product is sold, you must make sure that your supplier accepts returns.
5. High price
The price of the product may be expensive for you because you do not buy in bulk. The supplier will add further costs to the product price.

What is repricing?

Imagine you want to dropship from a big cosmetics brand. The cosmetic brand does not want to be a supplier. You can dropship from any brand you want using our repricing feature. Just add the link of the product you want to dropship to listinguish and add your profit rate. Listinguish monitors the brand store and updates the prices in your store by calculating your profit rate.