How to attract visitors to your new e-commerce store?

Amazon has about 50% of all e-commerce volume. Opening a new store and selling can scare you. If your products and customer service are good, we want to give you a few tips to drive more traffic to your site.

Marketing tactics for your e-commerce store to get more attention

1. Methods of attracting visitors with influencers

Ways to gain visitors with Instagram
It has been proven that the posts of Instagram users who do not have many followers get more interaction. Followers of these accounts are usually people they know and they can bring you more visitors than 1 million Instagram accounts.
We recommend that you add small Instagram accounts to your marketing plan. These accounts give you more engagement and better content. These accounts are more reliable. They can add your link to their Bio section or share them on their own pages.
You can contact users who are interested in your store or products for instagram sharing.

2. Methods of getting visitors with Youtube

Ways to gain visitors with Youtube
Youtube is a huge platform with more than 2 billion active users. The people who watch these videos can also be your customers. The number of people who find new products or sites on Youtube is quite high.
You can use YouTube as a platform to distribute your videos. Moreover, in addition to gaining new visitors on this platform, you also get a great opportunity to convince your potential customers. A study has shown that people prefer to buy products by watching videos rather than reading.
You can answer frequently asked questions on Youtube or promote your products interactively, you will see more visitors and increased sales.

3. Ways to gain visitors using social media

Even if the number of people who know you on social media is very small, it will provide you with great interaction.
You can ask your followers to share your products, you should try every way to share them. Most Instagram users also follow a company or site account. Don't think why users should follow your account, it is normal behavior for users to follow. The important thing is to create content that can interact.
You should always try new methods to get in touch with your followers. For example, you can broadcast live videos or questions. You can also look at the social media accounts that appeal to the same segment as your visitor segment and see how they attract visitors.

4. Try to keep your Pinterest page active

Pinterest is used by over 330 million users. It can make a great contribution to your store in terms of visitors.
Women use Pinterest more and, according to a study, pinterest greatly influences women's purchasing decisions.
If you don't have a Pinterest account, we can say that you missed a huge source of income. Influence people's purchasing decisions and show your products to your potential customers by creating boards and pins.

5. Product Reviews

Most users read reviews about the product before purchasing a product. User comments should not be just under your products, you should add user comments to certain parts of your store.
You can add user comments in e-mail or share them on your social media accounts. User comments will play a big role in gaining new visitors and giving you confidence.

6. You can establish partnerships

By establishing partnerships, you can reach new markets or grow your store. When you open a new e-commerce store, your potential customers may have trouble finding your store.
You should find a store where you can collaborate, our recommendations are,
E-mail: Newsletters and campaigns
Contents: Videos and blogs
Media: Ebooks and Reviews
Reaching People: News articles
Your partners will want to work with the methods we suggested above. As you reach new visitors, your partners will reach new visitors. Both sides will gain.
For example, your partner store may mention your store in your e-mail newsletter, and you can mention your partner store in your e-mail newsletter. Thus, you will have a mutual benefit.

7. SEO

SEO is a huge topic, but we wanted to talk about it briefly. Most of the traffic of an average e-commerce store comes from organic search engine traffic.
Here are a few things we recommend you pay attention to in SEO:
- You can create a blog with qualified articles.
- You can find keywords related to your products and create content.
- Your images should load fast and be of good quality.
- Getting backlinks is very important.

Summary of marketing tips

Bringing new visitors to your site is a long-running business and will take time. When you take the time to market, you will see that you have achieved success.