Listinguish, the easiest way to increase your e-commerce sales.

In a competitive e-commerce environment, your customers will want to buy the most affordable product. Listinguish tracks your competitors and allows you to sell your product at the highest profit. Listinguish makes your work and life easier!
we do not want any confidential information like credit card, 2 weeks for free, no commitment
Platforms on which we can make dynamic pricing
3dcart dynamic pricing and competitor analysisAllegro dynamic pricing and competitor analysisAmazon dynamic pricing and competitor analysisBigCommerce dynamic pricing and competitor analysisCeneo dynamic pricing and competitor analysisEbay dynamic pricing and competitor analysisGittiGidiyor dynamic pricing and competitor analysisHepsiburada dynamic pricing and competitor analysisIdeasoft dynamic pricing and competitor analysisImağaza dynamic pricing and competitor analysisMagento dynamic pricing and competitor analysisN11 shop dynamic pricing and competitor analysisPrestaShop dynamic pricing and competitor analysisShopify dynamic pricing and competitor analysisShopware dynamic pricing and competitor analysisTicimax dynamic pricing and competitor analysisTrendyol dynamic pricing and competitor analysisTsoft dynamic pricing and competitor analysisVolusion dynamic pricing and competitor analysisWooCommerce dynamic pricing and competitor analysis

Our features

Auto pricing
Set the lowest and highest prices, the price of your product will be updated to the most profitable price
Control Range
Price check is done every 4 hours, it can be done at shorter intervals if you want
Common Products
Check which of your products match your competitors.
Find out how many competitors you have in a marketplace or e-commerce site
You can get price changes, sales figures and product lists as a spreadsheet
Ready for distributors
You will be notified if your product falls below the minimum sales price you set.
Price history
See price changes and sales figures of a product historically
Automatic product mappings
Let our software developed with artificial intelligence automatically match your products with competing products
Unlimited competitors
You can follow as many products as you want without e-commerce and marketplace limit

More than 300 companies / people use listinguish

After I started using listinguish, I became more effective and faster in sales and pricing, an easy-to-use software, new features are added all the time.
Gökhan Soylu
Founder & CEO, Monte Cristo Deri
We sell cleaning products and the competition is very high in this field, we follow the price changes of competitor products with the listinguish and position the prices of our products according to the data we receive.
Tolga Sözen
Founder & CEO, Pozitif Ticaret
Robotic products are mostly sold on e-commerce sites other than marketplaces, thanks to listinguish, we can track the prices of equivalent products of competitor e-commerce sites.
Sefa Soysal
Founder & CEO, Robo Link Market

How much time do you spend to keep track of your competitors?

Listinguish tracks your opponents and provides data for you to take action. You can easily match your own products with competing products. You will get rid of the time you spend on checking prices


/ Monthly
Unlimited Products
Unlimited competitors
Unlimited automatic pricing
Price check interval: Your products are checked every 4 hours, you can change the interval from the panel if you like
API Access: Free
Support: Phone / Live support
Free use: 2 weeks
Marketplaces: Amazon, Ebay, Any marketplace
E-Commerce Websites
/ Monthly
Unlimited Products
Unlimited competitors
Unlimited automatic pricing
Price check interval: Your products are checked every 4 hours, you can change the interval from the panel if you like
API Access: Free
Support: Phone / Live support
Free use: 2 weeks
Pricing data can be obtained from any e-commerce site
What is the Chrome Extension?
The chrome extension runs on your computer, the products are tracked using your computer.
What is the Cloud (Our Server)?
Products are tracked using our servers.
What is a product?
This is the number of products that you have uploaded to Listinguish.
What is the competitor?
It means the competitor products you are following on a web site, you can follow any product on any web site
What is auto pricing?
It lowers or raises the price of your product according to the prices of your competitors in the lowest and highest price range you set.
What is the interval for price checks?
The products are checked at certain time intervals, for example, if you have 1000 products, all of your products are checked every 4 hours.
What is the API access?
You can use listinguish api to retrieve your data or make transactions.
What is support?
You can reach us by telephone or via the live chat, live chat can be found in the lower right corner.
What is free usage?
You can try Listinguish for 2 weeks free of charge without sharing a credit card or confidential information.
What are Marketplaces or E-commerce sites?
Marketplaces indicate the products you follow in the marketplaces. E-commerce refers to the products you follow, except marketplaces.
You can write to us,